Ladies and Gentleman, my name is Felipe Alvarez and today i want to talk to you personally, maybe change your way to see life. You may be thinking why, well, all of you are in one of the most prestigious universities around the globe, on what purpose? Succes. And what comes along with succes? money. Let me tell you that you are very lucky of being in this university, but my point on this speech is one, money and succes aren´t all. You need to take desicions all along your life, you will learn knew things every day, and you will have to adapt to the society you live in.

Latelly i´ve been realizing that powerfull people are the ones with that amounts of money anyone would love to posess. But if the only thing you think about is money, you´re wrong. Live money a sid and think about the real important things! For being happy the first thing you need is friends and family, and ambition may keep you away from this important people, and we all know loneliness those not match with hapinnes, but havinf friends does not mean that you have to be cool, it means you have to be carring with your surrounders, treat them as you wanted to be treated. Also, there is another issue that personally I found of vital importance, knowledge. The famous philosofer, Socrates, ones said: “There is only one good: knowledge There is only one evil:.. Ignorance”. Looking for new knowledge and experiences is what defines a life of succes, gentleman. For living a better life style, inteligence is fundamental. Being curious and open minded, share and receive knowledge, care about your education and intelectual level, that are things that are going to take YOU far. Beyond this two concepts of company an knowledge, another important one is enjoying, enjoying little details, the food you have, the clothes you wear, the comfortable bed you sleep on, the shower you wash with, do you realize millions of people around the world do not have any of these stuff? What i am trying to go with these is the fact that another thing to do for reaching real happiness is helping these unfortunate human beings. Becuase a real and sincere “thank you so much” worths as much as a great amount of money. It fills you with joy and pride, hearing these words and knowing it comes from deep inside, feelinf the intention of the person that appreciates your help. Money and ambtion may take part of your life, but never make them the most important thing of it! What if money would be invented? What would society be now? In my opinion, ambition wouldn´t exist and happines would be defined by the concepts I mentioned before.

What im trying to express, is that in life you have to have priorities in orther, priorities help to find real happiness, and making money your main priority is not going to lead you to happiness. But im not saying that you should not gain money somehow, my message is to make money a help for finding happiness, its a support. Happiness is enjoying, helping, and sharing, all this connected with a thirst of knowledge. Students, for finishing my speech, I would like to say, enjoy little details, help unfortunate people, appreciate everything you have, all the oportunities, and do not make money transform you in an ambitious person, try to become more charitable, more human. I want to share an anonimous quote with you: “If a friend asks you for money, think on which one you want to lose, if the friend or the money.”

Thank you.


Writing Task

Dear Jamie Shea

First of all, you need to quit your job as fast as posibe, its unethical to use language for hiding real facts. War is a terrifying pratice of human nature and you are making it look very different comparing to the way it really is. I write this letter with the only purpose of making YOU realize the horribe things you are hiding from society like sending and killing inocent people, as you are sitting on your desk looking or hearing about the war that is realising. What would you do if some of your family members were sent to fight? Would it be the same? I hope this letter makes conscience on you. I dont have bad intentions, but its neccesary for you to realize the unethical practices you are carrying on.

Yours sincerely,

Adolus Huxley

Fatelessness Tasks

1.- Clearly, Imre Kertezs knew the message he was giving through the book, about the human rights violated in the holocaust. In the interview we saw he says that his intention was to clarify to the next generations what happened in those times, but not with dates, facts, etc. He wanted to tell an emotional part of the story, by relating what he lived in the holocaust and how human rights were clearly violated. His experience was important for the message, the details of what he lived in the holocaust, by telling what he felt, saw and heared, he makes clear what the people felt in general, the, all ready mentioned, violation of human rights. Also another thing Imre mentioned was the difference of antisemitism before and after the Holocaust, before it was passive, and nowadays, people want to repeat the Holocaust, so that makes us think human rights are always violated, depending on the ideologies of people, so, Imre, knew the message he was giving, as he said in the interview.

2.-  The understanding of the points of view expressed on the book depends on the knowledge, language and culture of the reader. This means that if you are an inteligent person, inquirer and you have a great general knowledge, the understanding of the story and the different points of views of the story will be easy and interesting for you, because you have a cultural background and you are reading the story of someone who lived and experienced the Holocaust. In other way, if you have no knowledge about what happened in the World War, you will find that understanding what the story tells its difficult, because you have very limited knowledge about what happened in that episode of history, and this book would show you knew information for you, and for a good understanding of the points of view expressed, it would be necessary an investigation about what happened in those days and maybe, you would think different than another person about that theme, there you will generate an opinion, that means you understood and you analized what happened. In conclusion, the difficulty of understanding the points of view expressed in Fatelessness depends on the general knowledge and the cultural background the person reading has.

3.- Throughout Fatelessness, the author uses the child, Gyurka, as a persuasive item of the book. At the beggining of the story, he is inocent and it seems he has no idea of whats happening. The style tells us he is only watching what happens but not participating in the action of the book. But as the story moves on he starts to transform in a maturr kid, he confronts problems as a man, so the reader starts noticing the change because the story starts getting more and more interesting. Also, the use of a child as the character that takes responsabilities and as the main character, who is involved in all the violence and suffering, makes the story moving and the reader gets involved in it, especially if the reader is a child as Gyurka. In general, the use of a young child as the main character moves the reader and makes the story intersting for anyone, but the story involves young people in it, obviously, becuase the main character is around their age.

4.- Obviously, the most important factor when writing a book is the context, every detail is based on context, for example, you cant say that in the Holocaust the main character was from Brazil, and he met a guy who spoke indian, that would be out of the Holocaust context. Also, for writing the story you need cultural background of the context in which the war was carried out, if there’s no previous knowledge the book will have no relevant information and content and the author may get out of context, by these I mean that he might mix different historical context, or include facts that are incompatible with the real war context. In the book, the moving parts arevthe ones that include historical context about the war and the Holocaust, the details and that kind of things, making it interesting and alo a little informative maybe. Context makes the story relevant and dramatic, in the case of Fatelessness.


In what ways does the text differ from the information presented in the video, in other words, explain how the two resources present information about the Holocaust but in a different way or from a different perspective.

The text gives us a emotional point of view, a subjective perspecive, because its written by a person telling his own perspective or experience. The video is based in facts, so, its more objective. The text also talks us about moral or ethics, very different to the video, that refers to facts, dates and that kind of historical features. In the text we can see how the author tells he feels “guilty”, we can say that the text is more biased. The video is only events of the Holocaust, more like scientific. What connects the two sources is that they are talking about the Holocaust, one shows us what really happend and the other tells a version, emotional.